About Price's Christmas trees


Price's have been selling christmas trees continuously since 1978. We have enjoyed tremendous support from a huge part of this local community, many of whom think of us as part of their Christmas Celebration! They came as toddlers and now bring their own children to meet farther christmas and choose a price's christmas tree in the forest.

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We are obviously at Maesmaelor Woods to sell trees. We try every year to present top quality trees comparable with anywhere in the U. K. We are told by are customers that Price's prices are generally far lower than most.

the Forrest the Forrest


the Forrest the Forrest

Santa is at Maes Maelor woods every weekend!

the Forrest the Forrest

There is no charge to talk to him and he always has a free gift for every child and some of the bigger ones too!

Noble Fir

does not drop or shed needles with a lush colour and shape, ideal for houses with central heating and will stand very dry and warm situations, the scent of the fir is fantastic.

Lodge pole pines

Does not drop or shed its pines(needles), Candle flame shape so takes up less room, Deep green in colour and pine forest aroma!

Norway spruce

More suitable for conservatories and cooler situations,traditional shape, generally grows very quick so we sell it at a lower price.

Root balled& Potted trees

We have a small selection every year which varies from year to year depending on growing conditions.


Our trees tend to be 5-15 feet but the root balled and potted trees are generally available in smaller sizes.

We are situated just six miles out of Wrexham on the Ruthin Wrexham Road.